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Archive for January 2016

The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

“The Woman Who Changed Her Brain – and other inspiring stories of pioneering brain transformation”, (by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young) which made her more understanding of the world she lives in altogether as well as more insightful and wise. (I take this opportunity to thank my friend, Wanda, who was so nice and inspired 🙂 to lend…

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Kangoo Jumps on Network Ten Sydney, with Joe Hildebrand

Kangoo JumpsTM, one of the crazy exercise trends in 2016 was in Sydney Wednesday 13 January 2016, for a TV appearance @ Studio 10 promoting Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes with Joe Hildebrand, along with Persian Yoga, Aqua Spin, and Aerial Yoga, in a desire to make working out a lot more fun for everybody. Let’s…

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