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Archive for May 2016

Mix Fit Kangoo Club – Certificate of Appreciation

Mix Fit Kangoo Club – Certificate of Appreciation awarded in recognition of the valuable contribution to the 2016 Rotary Fun Run on behalf of Rotary Club of Brisbane Centenary & Rotary Club of Brisbane Taylor Bridge. We are very proud of our team efforts and achievements & this gives us the motivation to seek to…

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Phytonutrient Loaded Healthy Nutrition for a Healthier You!

Phytonutrients are compounds found in plants. It is essential that you get enough phytonutrients every day. While you wouldn’t want to bother with percentages like 31% greens, 22% reds, 21% yellows and oranges, 14% whites, 12% purples and blues, you need to just keep that in mind: “To maximize your health, eat 1 cup of…

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A Balanced Nutrition for Fitness and Health

A balanced nutrition for fitness and health is expressed very nicely by Precision Nutrition and is based on counting your food intake without all the hustle of weight-scales, smartphones & apps, calculators, measuring cups, etc. You only need to have the ability to count to two, using your own hand as a measurement unit. Here’s…

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