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Neurology of Unilateral Vs Bilateral Training

A few essential ideas to take home are the following:

Two things your brain needs to stay alive:

  1. Fuel (glucose, oxygen);
  2. Activation;

What exercise actually does to the human body? Let’s have a look at the ramification of exercise choice.

Bad fuelling means bad brain – bad brain can lead to bad movement & bad movement means poor results from exercise.

Important: breathing, food, activation (use it or lose it principle)!

Movement Neuroanatomy:

  1. Cerebellum – a driver of movement control (coordination);
  2. Frontal lobe – executive decision making & voluntary movement is also initiated in the frontal lobe (when we decide to do a bench press, the command begins in the frontal lobe);
  3. Ponto medullary reticular formation (PMRF) – web-like area in the brain stem responsible for posture, blood flow (blood pressure), global muscle tone, and autonomic control;

How does it all work and how it influences your physical activity, how to test it & how to improve movement patterns coming up soon. Stay tuned!


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*Photo – Applied Movement Neurology


Neurology of Training

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