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Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps Challenge

ATTENTION, ATTENTION!!! MIX FIT CLUB is launching its first challenge ever!! Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps is a 12 week challenge starting on 4 April. What is it all about? Well, we will be assessing your: BMI (weight & height), RBP (resting blood pressure), WHR (waist to hip ratio), and Agility – last…

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Energy Homeostasis and Energy Balance

Energy balance represents the balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Science states that about 60% – 70% of our daily energy expenditure is covered by maintenance (energy homeostasis) and that physical activity only takes up about 30% – 40%, at least for most of us.               It seems…

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Kangoo Jumps on Network Ten Sydney, with Joe Hildebrand

Kangoo JumpsTM, one of the crazy exercise trends in 2016 was in Sydney Wednesday 13 January 2016, for a TV appearance @ Studio 10 promoting Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes with Joe Hildebrand, along with Persian Yoga, Aqua Spin, and Aerial Yoga, in a desire to make working out a lot more fun for everybody. Let’s…

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