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Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps Challenge

ATTENTION, ATTENTION!!! MIX FIT CLUB is launching its first challenge ever!!

Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps is a 12 week challenge starting on 4 April.

What is it all about? Well, we will be assessing your:

  1. BMI (weight & height),
  2. RBP (resting blood pressure),
  3. WHR (waist to hip ratio), and
  4. Agility – last day of the challenge (Saturday, 25 June) against your own measurements first day of the challenge (Monday, 4 April), therefore calculating your individual/personal progress. The best (cumulative) achiever is the winner!!

What is at stake for the greatest achiever? Quite a lot:

  1. A 10 (ten) Kangoo Power class pass (valid 2 months), valued at $130,
  2. A free Mix Fit Club printed T-shirt, and
  3. 10% discount for your choice of Kangoo Jumps boots (up to 3 pairs).

Minimum requirements for enrolment:

  1. Take part in at least 3 to 5 fitness sessions / week, 40 – 60 mins each (independent workout properly measured counts as well);
  2. Be mindful of your body (as well as of your mind),
  3. Be an active life styler – enjoy healthy lifestyle.

All age challengers are welcome!!

Enrolments for Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps Challenge start now! First 5 (five) enrolments will receive a free Kangoo Power 1 (one) class pass! What are you waiting for? This is not something you want to miss out!!

Call 0411 032 347 to secure your spot now!

Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps

Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps

Mix Fit Club T-shirt

Mix Fit Club T-shirt

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