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Other Curiosities about the Human Brain

Did you know that the frontal lobe is the last part that evolves in our brain, the slowest to mature and the first to deteriorate as we age? How curious is that? It allows us to travel to the future before the actual experience takes place. Did you also know that the visual cortex is…

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Alexithymia – Absence of Words to Describe Emotional States

Alexithymia – a dissociation between experience and awareness is affecting people that seem to have feelings but they are somehow unaware of them. That is to say when awareness is decoupled from emotional experience, what we get is numbfeel. People can be happy, curious, sad, bored and not know it. They seem to have physiological…

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The Cerebral Cortex and its Convolutions

Cerebral cortex (mainly composed of small, unmyelinated neurons) is gray and it is often referred to as the gray matter. In contrast, the layer beneath the cortex is mainly composed of large myelinated axons, which are white and often referred to as the white matter. Humans’ cerebral cortex is deeply convoluted. The convolutions are increasing…

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Perception and Behaviour – Irritating Behaviours

I find this book (“Side by Side” by Jo Lamble & Sue Morris) so useful and straight forward that it doesn’t require any comments or additions. There it is – another take-home message: ‘Hierarchy of irritating behaviours: Think of the five most irritating things your partner does. Rank them in order from least to most…

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What causes Feelings & Behaviour?

A Situation triggers Thoughts that cause Feelings & Behaviour Clear thinking is based on the premise that the way you think influences the way you feel and how you behave. In other words, it is your interpretation or opinion about a situation that causes you to feel the way you do. Your interpretation of a…

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