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KJIFF2016- BUENOS AIRES Become a member of the Kangoo Jumps Family & Have Fun Getting Fit. Workshops in the KJ International Fitness Festival Buenos Aires. (All Festival workshop participants must have a current exercise safety certificate) Sunday 2 – Sportclub 08:30                Registration 09:00 / 17:00    Instructor License…

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Mix Fit Kangoo Club – Certificate of Appreciation

Mix Fit Kangoo Club – Certificate of Appreciation awarded in recognition of the valuable contribution to the 2016 Rotary Fun Run on behalf of Rotary Club of Brisbane Centenary & Rotary Club of Brisbane Taylor Bridge. We are very proud of our team efforts and achievements & this gives us the motivation to seek to…

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Week 1 of Challenge – Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps

As our 12 Week Challenge has been launched, here we have our happy challengers after Week 1 of challenge concluded with a 5km run/walk on the Kangoo Jumps boots! Great start everyone!!! You have done incredibly well!! Happy challenge!! Woohoo!!   Name: SUE, 66 BMI: 28.04 WHR: 0.95 Agility test: 26.27’’        …

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Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps Challenge

ATTENTION, ATTENTION!!! MIX FIT CLUB is launching its first challenge ever!! Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps is a 12 week challenge starting on 4 April. What is it all about? Well, we will be assessing your: BMI (weight & height), RBP (resting blood pressure), WHR (waist to hip ratio), and Agility – last…

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The (Pacific) OCEAN – Model of Communication

Introducing OCEAN as a way of learning the skills of swimming through life: O = Own the problem; C = Change unhelpful thinking; E = Express the problem; A = Ask for help assertively; and N = Negotiate Now let’s learn OCEAN swimming skills, taking one step at a time. Own the problem is the…

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Mind-reading and False Expectations

Expecting your partner to read your mind and know what will make you happy is unrealistic and leads to disappointment and resentment. This works for both men and women equally. Life would be very tedious indeed if you had to anticipate what others wanted. “It would be like treading on eggshells, worrying about upsetting everyone.…

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