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KJIFF2016- BUENOS AIRES Become a member of the Kangoo Jumps Family & Have Fun Getting Fit. Workshops in the KJ International Fitness Festival Buenos Aires. (All Festival workshop participants must have a current exercise safety certificate) Sunday 2 – Sportclub 08:30                Registration 09:00 / 17:00    Instructor License…

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Muscle flexion and extension. How does it happen?

Muscle Flexion and Extension Did you ever wonder how body movement happens? Or what is a reflex arc? Or how a motor neuron transmits electrical impulses? I always wondered how our bodies function. Always wanted to know how and why things happen, from the molecular level to the organic and systemic level, all being just…

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Overtraining can be an issue when you go exercising at high intensity for hours every day without having the core strength that helps you keep up strenuous training. Even though stress in small amounts can be beneficial for ourselves, keeping us focused, energetic and alert, too much physical stress is potentially harmful for our bodies.…

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KJIFF 2016 – Kangoo Jumps International Fitness Festival 2016

MIX FIT CLUB is recruiting for KJIFF 2016 – Kangoo Jumps International Fitness Festival 2016, happening between 5 and 11 October, in Buenos Aires – Argentina. Are you Australian or living in Australia at the moment? Then you are perfect match for this. We are looking for determined people to proudly represent our beautiful country…

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The Neurology of Movement – Unilateral vs Bilateral (II)

The Neurology of Movement (continued) Cerebellum – integrates (and simplifies) the complex data generated from all of our body systems and cognition. Important: it is involved in balance of the body. The cerebellum performs several tasks in movement, such as: Coordinates complex movements ispilaterally (occurring on the same side of the body); Is in direct…

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Neurology of Unilateral Vs Bilateral Training

A few essential ideas to take home are the following: Two things your brain needs to stay alive: Fuel (glucose, oxygen); Activation; What exercise actually does to the human body? Let’s have a look at the ramification of exercise choice. Bad fuelling means bad brain – bad brain can lead to bad movement & bad…

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