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Week 1 of Challenge – Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps

As our 12 Week Challenge has been launched, here we have our happy challengers after Week 1 of challenge concluded with a 5km run/walk on the Kangoo Jumps boots! Great start everyone!!! You have done incredibly well!! Happy challenge!! Woohoo!!   Name: SUE, 66 BMI: 28.04 WHR: 0.95 Agility test: 26.27’’        …

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Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps Challenge

ATTENTION, ATTENTION!!! MIX FIT CLUB is launching its first challenge ever!! Get Fit & Healthy with Kangoo Jumps is a 12 week challenge starting on 4 April. What is it all about? Well, we will be assessing your: BMI (weight & height), RBP (resting blood pressure), WHR (waist to hip ratio), and Agility – last…

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Alexithymia – Absence of Words to Describe Emotional States

Alexithymia – a dissociation between experience and awareness is affecting people that seem to have feelings but they are somehow unaware of them. That is to say when awareness is decoupled from emotional experience, what we get is numbfeel. People can be happy, curious, sad, bored and not know it. They seem to have physiological…

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The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

“The Woman Who Changed Her Brain – and other inspiring stories of pioneering brain transformation”, (by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young) which made her more understanding of the world she lives in altogether as well as more insightful and wise. (I take this opportunity to thank my friend, Wanda, who was so nice and inspired 🙂 to lend…

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