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First client - first success story



Anca went from 75kg down to 68kg in less than 10weeks' time, her BMI improved considerably, from 26.01kg/m2 (26/4/15) to 24.51kg/m2 (18/7/15), her hip measurements went from 110cm (26/4/15) down to 102.5cm (18/7/15), while her waist measurements improved a great deal, as well, from 81cm (26/4/15) to 75cm (18/7/15). She dropped two sizes so far and we are not done yet. Her 'six pack' started to show, as you can see in the photos. 🙂
Of course, this is very rewarding for any personal trainer. Personally and professionally, this makes me very happy and motivates me to keep up the good work! 🙂 

"I started training with Magda in April 2015, I had my mind set on goals to increase my strength and improve my body composition and to lose weight before I headed off to enjoy my holidays. The first session together Magda assessed my health/fitness level and put in place some realistic goals with training routines and healthy nutrition making sure those goals can be reached. These goals where set for a period of 3 months and without her encouragement I would have given up shortly after the first session. The most important thing when starting to change your life and health is to be determined and at the same time having someone beside you encouraging and mentoring you towards your goals, if I didn’t have that support from Magda, the training and goals would have been useless. With constant measuring and weight monitoring Magda really puts all her efforts in for the best customer satisfaction and goal reaching that can be achieved. Training and nutrition plans are balanced and made to fit in with your lifestyle without interrupting your day to day activities. The variety of exercises Magda offered, made a real  difference and most importantly fun which I loved! If you want to feel great, eat healthy, and look fantastic it can be achieved, there will always be challenges but with the right mindset and encouragement it’s not hard when you find passionate persons like Magda to help you achieve your best!"


"Kangoo Power is a fun and enjoyable way to get fit and stay healthy. Each week has an exciting routine to keep us motivated and enjoying fitness. I have found since starting Kangoo Power, how well it tones my legs and especially my thighs. I recommend Kangoo Power Fitness Classes to everyone of all ages and fitness levels."


"Kangoo Power is a really fun and energizing class! Magda's enthusiasm is infectious, she will have you engaged and motivated in no time."


"The instructor is great & very understanding. She integrates different forms of workout along with Kangoo Jumps fitness programs. She does not push you to do the activity. She lets you enjoy your workout at your own pace. That is to say she caters for different fitness levels appropriately. The classes are fun with laughter, sometimes dance, and of course the main fitness activity. For me, I have become stronger, more flexible, and able to hold a pose for longer in my modelling activity. Enjoy Kangoo Jumps, just like I do!!"




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