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What causes Feelings & Behaviour?

A Situation triggers Thoughts that cause Feelings & Behaviour

Clear thinking is based on the premise that the way you think influences the way you feel and how you behave. In other words, it is your interpretation or opinion about a situation that causes you to feel the way you do. Your interpretation of a situation triggers different thoughts which cause different feelings. The different ways different people think about a situation cause different emotions in each of them. That is to say – changing the way you think can change the way you feel and behave.

You are not always aware of your exact thoughts because often your thinking is automatic. In order to change your feelings and behaviour, you first of all need to identify your thoughts. Getting into the habit of exploring the reasons why you feel any negative emotions is encouraged. You will discover that it usually is some kind of negative or unhelpful thought pattern.

Much of your thinking shows that you each perceive the world in a different way based on the assumptions you make. Your assumptions are the results of your experience. Danger comes when the assumptions you make are inaccurate. You are heading for trouble if you base your judgements and ability to solve problems on inaccurate assumptions. So as to improve the way you feel, you must identify inaccurate assumptions and change them.

Challenging unhelpful thoughts – coming up in the following post(s). Stay tuned!

Side by Side. How to think differently about your relationship” – Jo Lamble & Sue Morris.

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